Typical Customer Scenario

Lets for a moment say that “The Customer” currently uses more than R35,000s worth of electricity on a monthly bases, and that the customer is supplied by a municipal power supplier like City Power, a division of the City Of Johannesburg Municipality.

Step 1:

Is the customer interested in applying for a solar electricity solution which will significantly reduce their cost of electricity?

Determination: Solarpreneurs will require that the customer complete our Solar PV Application form, which is linked below.

Solar PV Application form attached hereto

Please email completed application form to: application@solarpreneurs.co.za

Step 2:

What is the customer’s electricity consumption profile?

Meaning – how much electricity is used, how it is used, what are the electricity tariff structures and what is the total cost of electricity?

Determination: Solarpreneurs will require the customers electricity bills for the past 12 months.

Please email the 12-month electricity bills to: application@solarpreneurs.co.za

Step 3:

Appointment of Solarpreneurs as the customer’s capex-free solar solution provider.

The customer will be required to complete our service provider mandate which is linked below.

Capex-free solar solution provider mandate

Step 4:

Is the customer eligible for a capex-free solar solution?

Determination: Solarpreneurs will require the customer’s completed application for, 12-months electricity bills and the capex-free solar solution provider mandate in order to determine is a customer is eligible for capex-free solar.

Our eligibility assessment criteria:

  1. Is the cost of electricity more than R35,000 per month?
  2. Is there enough space on the customer’s building or property to mount the required number of solar PV panels?
  3. Is the customer the owner of the building or property?

Step 5:

Customer preliminary solar solution proposal

Once the Step 4 is complete, Solarpreneurs will issue the customer with a detailed but preliminary proposal which will indicate the following:

  1. The size and scale of the solar PV system
  2. The number of inverters, solar panels and power storage (in applicable)
  3. No upfront equipment and installation fees required
  4. No ongoing monthly operating costs (insurance, warrantees and maintenance) for up to 20 years
  5. Guaranteed savings off the customer’s current electricity bill of between 40% and 60%.
  6. And a visual indication of how and where the solar panels will be installed on the property or building

If the customer is happy with the preliminary proposal, they will be expected to sign the proposal in acceptance and email it back to Solarpreneurs at: application@solarpreneurs.co.za

Step 6:

Lease to own application

Additional information will now be required, and includes:

Step 7:

Funder approval

The customer’s additional application information will be submitted to our funder for final approval. This process may take up to 90 days or less. The customer will be issued a copy of our funding submission.

Step 8:

Installation of the customer’s solar PV system

Once approval is obtained, Solarpreneurs will contact the customer to make arrangements for an installation date.




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