We develop solar entrepreneurs!

The cornerstone of our business is our entrepreneurship empowerment foundation on which it is built. Solarpreneurs promotes and develops entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals who are seriously interested is a career in Solar. This program trains, mentors and supports our sales partners with regards to the sales and consulting of solar pv applications intended to remove. The upfront cost of a comprehensive solar solution.

“You snooze, you lose”!

As corny is this old quote may be, it’s the truth.

The need for clean reliable and cheap energy has been there for decades. But the demand has reached astounding numbers which has resulted in the fasted growing industry in South Africa and many other developing countries.

For 2020, it is projected that 10,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created, including a new group of entrepreneurs who are aggressively pursuing this opportunity to be a part of this energy supply boom.

Therefore, skilled Solar Energy Consultants (SEC) are in High Demand. Solarpreneurs is actively screening and partnering with existing and new entrepreneurs who have a desire to serve the high demand of SA’s booming solar markets. Join our rapidly growing network of trained solar professionals meeting the needs of this new green economy.

The business opportunity:

1. Start a business where little professional competition exists.

2. Fill a critical shortage for professional solar consultants and advisors.

3. Become a leading participant in the new and rapidly growing green economy.

4. Take advantage of solar rebates, credits and incentives to help to drive sales.

5. Help South Africa to become energy-independent.

6. Generate an above-average income for yourself and your family.

Sales partners are trained individuals who assist us with converting as many businesses onto solar as possible.

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